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Check out the international trailer for Jonathon Kimbrell’s new art show to be shown at the Cameron Gallery on April 2nd at 6pm.  Love the Kubrick vibe!

“World renowned artist, Jonathon Kimbrell of Napkin Art Studios has one hell of a show coming up in April this year.  His exhibit will be called “We Are Modern” and will feature some excellent artwork by Mr. Kimbrell.  He has been hard at work for a while on these pieces already.  The exhibit will be at the Cameron Gallery in the design district in Dallas, TX.  Below is the teaser trailer for his show made by the artist himself.   It promises to be one kick ass show. ”

Enjoy the trailer.

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Matt Farrell:
Have you done that kind of stuff before?
John McClane:
Stuff like what?
Matt Farrell:
Like killing people?
John McClane:
Yeah. But not for a long time.
Matt Farrell:
[upset] Who were those guys? Huh? Why were they trying to kill you? Why did they blow up my goddamn apartment?
John McClane:
They were there to kill you.
Matt Farrell:
Why would they want to kill me?
John McClane:
You tell me, kid. You're the criminal.
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