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That headline is totally “WINNING”!!!  With the recent news that Charlie Sheen has been officially fired from his hit show “Two and a Half Men”, Com Book writer and creator, Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead), has offered several roles and positions to Charlie Sheen.  This all took place at Paley Fest 2011 in Beverly Hills.

At Paley Fest, Mr. Kirkman said that he wants to hire Charlie Sheen for the 2nd season of Walking Dead “proving once again that Sheen was right when he said that everybody wants to work with him now that “Two and a Half Men” is uncertain.”

“Charlie call us, we will totally make that happen. We’ll do whatever you want,” Kirkman said to Sheen. The producer then continued, still sending a message to the troubled actor, “We’ll recast YOU as Rick. Andrew Lincoln will find something else to do.”

Kirkman went on to say:  “Sheen perhaps could direct an episode, adding “Actually (Sheen) could play a car for all I care. He’s awesome.”

This is hilarious.  Even if Kirkman is NOT kidding, Sheen has proven he is a decent actor and would love to see him play a character on the show.  Kirkman is a funny dude and has a great sense of humor.

Kirkman went on to talk about the season two status of The Walking Dead hit series on AMC.  Kirkman said: “I think we’ll see Shane getting some action this season.”  He also stated the the 2nd season will start right where the 1st season left off with the building explosion.”

One thing Kirkman and director Frank Darabont said, is that they will DEFINITELY NOT explore the territory or story of how the zombie outbreak happen.  Smart move. It is more frightening and real that we don’t know what happened.

The also said that new characters will be introduced as the older character would die, but Rick Grimes will still be a survivor thru at least Season 2 for now.

Your thoughts?

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