The Third Man Rolling Record Store

Jack White, you son-of-a-gun…you did it again.

Not only is this dude a gifted musician, producer and business man, he is also a living patron saint of music, doing things most musicians and record execs could only fever dream about.

Behold his latest Third Man project, the “Rolling Record Store”, which is exactly as it sounds: a record shop on wheels.

Set to debut during SXSW March 16-20, 2011 in Austin, TX, the Rolling Record Store will feature some incredible exclusives for those who can’t make it the brick-and-mortar shop in Nashville, TN.

According to the Third Man Records site the truck will feature “A full menu of Third Man merchandise including 45s, LPs, just like our record shop in Nashville, and all new (and exclusive to the truck) Rolling Record Store™ collectables and souvenirs including t-shirts, tote bags, drinking accessories and all kinds of flare, two turntables and a microphone. The store will be playing from vinyl records from our catalog as you shop, with guest djs doing special sets on a high quality PA and amplification system with 8 channel mixer and electric outlets, so singers and even full bands can plug straight into the truck from the outside and play wherever and whenever we park the truck. Fully-customized styling designed by Jack White in conjunction with an auto custom shop to reflect the look, feel, and panache of Third Man Records’ Nashville location and our famous pop up stores.”

As a faithful Jack White/Third Man Records disciple, I have to admit this is pretty bad ass. Unfortunately, this writer will not be able to make it down to SXSW this year, but maybe in the future White and crew will swing through Dallas to bring joy to all the girls and boys looking for vinyl cheer.

Check out the promotional film for the Rolling Record Store here.

What will he think of next???

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