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Descender’s CD release for their new album “Dark Water” was last Thursday night at Trees in Deep Ellum.  They rocked hard \m/ and entertained the crowd from beginning to end. There was a group of girls dancing wildly at the foot of the stage and others rocking in the back.

CD Release

They played songs from their new album as well as older songs from previous albums.  As the last song came to an end, the energy of the band was high and the drummer, Duncan Black threw his drumstick into the crowd at a very high speed. BAM!~ it hit me, in the head then bounced off the guy’s neck in front of me and before it landed on the ground, it hit the girl’s wrist that was standing next to me. The other two victims said that the drumstick hit them pretty hard, I told them to think about the initial contact to my forehead…

*After the show, Duncan recognized that his drumstick had hit me and made sure I was alright, that was very descent of him to do. Two thumbs up in my book (for what it’s worth).

For more information on the band visit their website: http://descendintothis.com/

fb_matadorTonight is DESCENDER night “Dark Water” listening party at the Matador on Lower Greenville in Dallas from 10pm-2am. CD’s will be for sale and members of the band will be there!!

conferette_bannerIf you can’t make tonight’s listening party or live north and want to see Descender live, tomorrow they will be in Denton for the 35 Conferette showcase at J&J’s on the Square.  (Show starts at 10pm)

For more info – http://www.35conferette.com

By Bryan Kluger

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