Earlier in the year, I made my list of favorite and best films to come out between the years 2000 and 2010.  A ten year span of great films.  Films that I completely forgot about.  Films you may have not even heard of.

So I came up with 133 films which was narrowed down from about 300 or more.  Below is the start of the list which has the film title, the date it was released, and my brief personal memory and review of the film.  Plus the link to purchase the movie for a cheap price.

It was a great time coming up with this list.  It was also fairly difficult once I got down to the last 20 or so because they are in fact in order from great to the absolute best of the year.

So over the next few days I will be posting more titles as we get to the #1 spot.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.

133_ Wet Hot American Summer – July 27, 2001

How could this movie not be on a favorite list?  Especially a list of top films of a decade.  This film is balls out hilarious, but in that silly way.  It takes place in the 80’s at a summer camp on the last day of camp.  Directed by David Wain from Stella, Role Models, and The Ten, with an all-star comedic cast including Janeane Garofalo, Paul Rudd, David Hyde Pierce, Amy Poehler, and Michael Ian Black, amongst others.  There are plenty of quotable lines and tons of gut-busting laughs.

132_ The Bridge – October 27, 2006

This is a very haunting documentary that I remember having many conversations

with people after viewings.  Two filmmakers set out to make a documentary film on the Golden Gate Bridge on its history and beauty.  As they were filming the bridge, the filmmakers noticed people committing suicide by jumping off the bridge quite often.  This documentary is about those suicides and interviews with  the vicitims families and friends.  You will actually see people talking on the phone – hang up – then jump to their death.  It is unforgettable.

131_ Bandits – October 12, 2001

I loved this film with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thorton who stole the show.  These two characters are criminals in jail who break out of prison and go on a bank robbing spree.  It is very heart felt and load of hilarity.  Not any of it seems forced.  Actually, the two bank robbers are the good guys.  Great film that I feel that was missed by a lot of people.  Check it out.

130_ JCVD – June 4, 2008

JCVD as in Jean-Claude Van Damme.  This film is brilliant.  It is fiction mixed in with documentary.  Very strange but oh so good.  This is NO action flick.  AT ALL.  JCVD plays himself in real life.  He is coming to terms that he is just a B movie actor that fights.  His personal life is in shambles and he has no money and his wife is trying to get custody of his kid in the bitter divorce battle.  Add to that while he is getting a wire transfer of money in his home town at the post office, criminals hold everyone hostage and want money and tell the press and officers outside that JCVD is the culprit.  This film is very emotional and very well acted.  Yes.  Very well acted.  I really hope to see what this director does next.  Truly excellent film.

129_ Kung Fu Hustle – April 8, 2005

From the makes of Shaolin Soccer comes King Fu Hustle with Stephen Chow.  This movie is all sorts of fun.  A Kung Fu film that does not take itself seriously and packs high end special effects and lots of laughs.  Typical evil vs good film.  I love these types of films and will always hold a place in my heart for Stephen Chow.

128_ Death To Smoochy – March 29, 2002

I’m a sucker for dark comedies.  This is one of the best.  I great cast of Edward Norton and Robin Williams who play kid tv show personalities who are bitter rivals.  This shows what the seedy underbelly of kids shows are really about.  Such great black humor and very well directed by Danny Devito.  Loved it.

127_ Ginger Snaps – May 11, 2001

A kick ass different take on werewolf movies that involve high school sisters.  Extremely gory and violent with a dark wit that takes you on a great journey on what it is like to transform into a werewolf in high school.  Sexy Werewolves equal AWESOME!

126_ Remember the Titans – September 29, 2000

I remember seeing this film and becoming very emotional while watching it.  Based on a true story in the south about a black high school football coach overcoming racism in the 60’s as he leads his interracial football team to win the championship undefeated.  The soundtrack to this film is top notch and a great performance from Denzel Washington.  One great heart felt Disney Film.

125_ Team America: World Police – October 15, 2004

From the creators of South Park comes a Jerry Bruckhemier/Michael Bay marionette production of a group US citizens who fight the war on terror.  Very crude and lewd and hilarious.  Oh the sex scene is worth the price of admission alone.  America….Fuck Yeah!

124_ Knocked Up – June 1, 2007

The sophomore effort from Judd Apatow is a great film about a stoner schmuck who scores a one night stand with a hot tv personality who becomes pregnant.  Apatow mixes great feeling and emotion with tons of dick jokes.  A perfect combination that makes a successful story and film. The deleted scene with Jonah Hill and Katherine Hiegel discussing Brokeback Mountain is one of the greatest discussions EVER!

123_ The Simpsons Movie – July 27, 2007

Finally!  Fifteen years in the making.  This had everything that I wanted in a Simpsons movie.  Good morals, great story, and lots of laughs and inside jokes made this brilliant movie a masterpiece.  Matt Groening made America’s favorite family a joy to watch all these years and the movie was NOT  a let down.  Keep up the good work.

122_ Chocolate – February 6, 2008

An awesome Thai film about a girl with emotional problems to the ppoint where she is almost non-sociable with anyone.  She has a great fondness for Chocolate and once she sees some Thai Fightin on tv courtesy of Tony Jaa, she learns to fight by watching it and then goes after bad guys in the neighborhood.  A film that has no stunt wires or special effects, but stuntmen who take real hits and fall hard.  A real treat in filmmaking.

121_ School of Rock – October 3, 2003

A perfect combination of Jack Black being Jack Black while Jack Black teaches kids about music and playing rock music.  This movie could have failed in so many places, but I was surprised on every corner.  This film plays very well to all audiences.  If you love music and comedy than this is a film you have to see.  Very well done.

120_ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – November 16, 2001

The first film in the whole series created a whole new world to everyone and in filmmaking.  Great filmmaking and acting as well as speical effects made this children’s book come to life and was great for the whole family.

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