A Journey Into Wizard World: Austin 2016!

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 27th, 2016

Hi everyone, Bryan here….


I was fortunate enough to make it into ‘Wizard World Austin‘ 2016 where I got to talk to a variety of excellent writers and artists in the comic book world. Wizard World is franchise of comic book conventions around the country, bringing everyone’s favorite comic book creators to one stage so that fan’s can meet, greet, and purchase all sorts of fun items. In addition to the comic creators, a vast amount of television and film personalities were in attendance, including Bruce Campbell, Lee Majors, William Shatner, WWE’s Becky Lynch, and Spike himself James Marsters.

Everyone sold autographs and took pictures with happy fans throughout the three day convention. We also talked to artist Tim Doyle, Michael Cho, and actor Ray Santiago from ‘Ash vs Evil Dead‘. We learned about how some of the swords, lightsabers, and Captain America Shields were made too. We even got to talk with some excellent cosplayers and dive into see how each costume was made.


Wizard World Austin really had it all for comic book, movie, or TV fans. It wasn’t super crowded, which was great, as it made each meet and greet more personable and enjoyable for each and every fan there. ¬†Below is a video of a ton of interviews with artist, comic book stores, writers, and a glimpse of all the cool items you can get at Wizard World!



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