Fantastic Fest is one of the events that is pure bliss for any fan of genre cinema. If you love horror, sci-fi, foreign, action, and even adult-oriented movies from the 1970s, then Fantastic Fest is the place to let that freak flag fly high and be with like-minded individuals that truly appreciate the art of movies. All of the madness and fun will take place in Austin, TX starting on September 20th and run for 10 days at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar St. This year, which is the 14th annual festival of Fantastic-ness, captures the essence of the Korean movie scene with a ton of cool films being showcased from Korea, both new and old. This is something you won’t want to miss.



The first wave of movies has been announced, including the World Premiere of the WWII horror movie called ‘OVERLORD‘ from J.J. Abrams. In addition to that film, Fantastic Fest will host Gareth Evans‘ horror movie ‘APOSTLE‘. Gareth gave us the amazing films ‘THE RAID‘ AND ‘THE RAID 2‘, so you can expect some insane fight scenes and horrific imagery. Alos, a film called ‘THE NIGHT COMES FOR US‘, which stars the badass from those ‘RAID‘ movies will be shown, meaning Iko Uwais will stun us once again with his amazing physical skills. If you were a fan of ‘THE GREASY STRANGLER‘, the director of that movie Jim Hosking has a new film called ‘AN EVENING WITH BEVERLY LUFF LINN‘, which is being described as a David Lynch meets John Waters type of movie. You had me at Greasy Strangler.



Lastly, there are some vintage films coming through from AGFA (American Genre Film Archive), one of which has peaked my interest from the title alone – ‘MARY JANE’S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE‘. I have high hopes for this one. Below is the list of films with cast and crew info, along with a brief synopsis. Enjoy and hope to see you all there.

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Film Review: ‘The Raid 2’!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Apr 10th, 2014

Hi, Bryan Here…


The only thing you need to know  about ‘The Raid 2: Berandal‘ is that you need to run to the nearest theater that’s playing ‘The Raid 2: Berandal‘ and watch it. This is the sequel to 2011’s ‘The Raid: Redemption‘ by Gareth Evans, and is even better than its first literal non-stop hardcore action movie from only a few years ago. This time around, we have a 2.5 hour film full of some of the best action sequences and fight choreography ever put on film. In addition to that, we have one hell of story to go with it, which was mostly lacking from the first film, which I’m not complaining about at all.

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Hi , Bryan Here…

Alright, all caught up now.  There are some AMAZING releases this week.  Damn, Ausgust and September are going to be great months for new blurays.  JAWS!!!   Anywho, let’s jump right in and get to all the goodies.  As usual in this article, you will get some info about the disc and the extras that come with the movie as well as a personal opinion about the movie and a link to purchase the film over at AMAZON where you can save quite a bit of money, and it will give a small percentage kick back to this site so we can continue bringing you excellent stories and bizarre tales. So click on the pictures and start saving.

Enjoy and Here We Go!!

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Film Review: ‘Mile 22’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 16th, 2018

Mile 22 is a movie where John Malkovich (in a weird hairpiece) looks straight into the camera and says, “He’s not a double agent…He’s a triple agent!” That pretty much sums up the quality of this latest collaboration between Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg. It is loud, full of action, and constantly twists itself in stupid knots trying to be more than a fun summer blockbuster.

Mile 22 opens with a decently long prologue of a team known as ‘Overwatch’ (no relation to the video game), led by Mark Wahlberg infiltrating a Russian sleeper cell home in a suburban town. Wahlberg’s on the ground team consists of Lauren Cohan and Ronda Rousey. In the sky, there is John Malkovich and a group of computer nerds watching every aspect of the operation. There are also two males on Wahlberg’s team which I will address in a minute. This opening sequence is really, really well done, It has a lot of tension and the suspense builds and builds through the final moments. Despite my enjoyment of the scene overall they still went out of their way to show that ‘Overwatch’, which is allegedly the best of the best and doesn’t exist, is also really terrible at their job because all the planning and technology advantages they still let some 20-year-old guy get the drop on the two male members of ‘Overwatch’ killing them.

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