If there was any belief that WandaVision was going to continue the slow unfurling of its central mystery it was shattered with the third episode which is streaming today. Focusing on Wanda’s pregnancy, the show brings us to its Brady Bunch homage and all of the silly coincidences a show like that requires.

Vision and Wanda are desperately trying to hide her pregnancy as the events of this episode pick up minutes after she became pregnant at the end of episode 2 yet she is already showing. There are extended gags of Wanda trying to hide her stomach from Geraldine and Vision reading a pregnancy book to describe contractions. Wanda and Vision do the math and realize that at the rate her pregnancy is progressing the baby will be here in a few days. Fearing the reaction of the town they are trying to fit in to, they both have a moment questioning what exactly is happening before, of course, snapping out of it and moving forward. Even when the painting of a stork comes to life and moves around the house behind Geraldine, Wanda is still focusing on believing this is real. When the baby starts to come the doctor is all the way across town so Vision uses his powers to get him back to the house as quickly as possible. Back at the house, Wanda cannot hide her pregnancy from Geraldine any longer and she goes into labor. Geraldine delivers a healthy baby boy just as Vision arrives with the doctor. As Vision and Wanda share a moment she goes into labor again and has twin boys. The doctor checks the babies and says they are both healthy and happy.

Vision walks the doctor out of the house and thanks to him for his help. Nextdoor Agnes is acting very strangely while speaking with another neighbor who is using hedge clippers to trim a bush but is now cutting into the concrete parking divider. As Vision approaches them, Agnes snaps back into her sitcom character for just a moment then back to her mysterious self and asks Vision if he left Wanda in there alone with Geraldine as Agnes states that Geraldine is not supposed to be here. Vision has panic in his eyes and races back into the house.

In the house, Geraldine asks if Wanda has any siblings and when she mentions her brother Pietro (Quicksilver), Geraldine says, “Oh yeah he was killed by Ultron.” The sitcom act fades away and Wanda begins to interrogate Geraldine. Geraldine keeps denying she says anything and we can see Wanda getting angrier and angrier. When Vision bursts into the house, Wanda informs him that Geraldine left. The aspect ratio and color scheme of the show changes and we find ourselves in widescreen as Geraldine comes bursting out of some sort of bubble and lands in a field. As the camera pans out we see trucks and soldiers running towards her. As the camera pans up we can see that the little town we have been watching Wanda in is surrounded by some kind of force field but the show establishes that there is a giant military presence monitoring the forcefield.

Now the table is set for the rest of the show. One can only assume that we will have a little bit more explanation as to what is happening outside of the town as the episodes go on. Whether Wanda is trapped in this town and being tricked or it is an alternate reality of her making remains to be seen but the show seems to be on the path to be one of the weirdest Marvel entries yet. All of the developments and reveals of episode 3 confirm that the Marvel shows will be different but the payoffs can still hit you like a blockbuster movie.


Written by: Dan Moran

By Bryan Kluger

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