“With all the craziness going on in the world, Bling Empire is one of the sweetest shows to watch right now. “

There are so many reality shows out there that it’s hard to keep up with who’s dating who, which contestant belted out the worst song, and who got voted off the island. Then there are series that simply follow seemingly random people or celebrities in their daily lives as a form of entertainment. Taking its cues from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Netflix delivers Bling Empire, a new reality show consisting of eight episodes in its first season that centers on an extremely wealthy group of Asians, living in Los Angeles and hanging out together. Unlike Keeping Up With Kardashians, the stars of this new reality show Bling Empire brings a much-needed element of grace, elegance, and genuine sweetness to the reality realm, while still having fun, jet setting, and spending an astronomical amount of money on parties and shopping. In the end, audiences will come to love each character on this show and want to spend another season with them at their side.

The cast of Bling Empire includes Christine and Gabriel Chiu who run a highly successful Plastic Surgery center in Beverly Hills. Gabriel is of Chinese Royalty from the actual emperor many centuries ago and they live a life of luxury and philanthropy while tending to their infant son named Baby G.

Then there is Anna Shay, the matriarch of this group of friends, who comes from an extremely wealthy family in the guns and ammo business and has been married five times. She is perhaps the coolest person on the planet next to Tom Waits.

Next up is the young Kane Lim, originally from Singapore, but now lives in Los Angeles and is the life of every party. His dad loaned him some money long ago, and Kane turned that small loan into millions of dollars, conducting business stateside. He has a love for shoes, boba tea, and gossip.

Kim Lee might be perhaps the most recognizable persona in the show. She is an international star DJ and reality show actress who has made a ton of money from her ventures. Her mother steals the spotlight with her hilarious wit and encourages Kim to take more clothes off for Instagram pictures.

Cherie Chan and Jessie Lee are partners and enjoy living a more domesticated life of wealth, but enjoy nights out with friends, along with raising their son and expecting a second one on the way, while awaiting a much-needed proposal.

Kelly Mi Li is a divorced woman, whose ex-husband is now in prison for a considerable amount of time due to financial fraud and is currently dating the former Red Power Ranger Andrew Gray who has anger issues, to say the least. Kelly supports herself and looking for love.

Then there is Jamie Xie, a funny, cute lady of 22 years old who is a fashion star, has a vogue portfolio, and has a father who is a billionaire. She’s a joy to watch on screen.

Last but not least is Kevin Kreider, an adopted man who is now a model, but is by no means wealthy by any means. In fact, his rent in his Los Angeles apartment is only $1k a month, but he serves as the conduit of the audience to this lavish lifestyle that is presented here. He’s funny, genuine, and a lot of fun to watch on screen.

(L-R) Anna Shay and Christine Chiu in episode 1 “Necklacegate 90210” of Bling Empire: Season 1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

After the first episode of Bling Empire, which mostly shows the riches, fast cars, and materialistic things about these people, the series really settles in with their emotions, love, romances, and friendships with one another, complete with all the ups, downs, and delicacies of relationships. The show covers an abusive relationship, a love triangle, finding one’s maternal parents, medical issues, pregnancies, and marriages, and even a tiny, seemingly funny battle between two women on how to act properly at parties. At its core though, this is just the sweetest group of people out there who honestly care about each other, while having a good time in life. Their affection for one another is contagious, even when things hit a sour note.

There’s a real love between them all. Anna is perhaps the one that should receive her own spinoff series. She’s the most reclusive and mysterious, but she’s also the most fun, coolest, and diabolical one of them all when she wants to be. It’s an absolute blast to watch her unfold when certain sticky situations come to be. Behind the $100,000 soup dinner, a million-dollar toddler party with a Gucci claw machine, and a quick trip to Paris for dinner, these amazing souls are a delight to watch on screen. With all the craziness going on in the world, Bling Empire is one of the sweetest shows to watch right now.


Written by: Bryan Kluger

Bling Empire

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