Creedence Clearwater Revival – The Unbalanced Note #21!

by Gumbercules9000 on Mar 5th, 2019

Here is the infamous Music podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘The Unbalanced Note‘, where the show is related to all things MUSIC! Here on this new show, musician Jacob Douglas and I talk about everything we love or dislike about music, musicians, and the music industry.

In our 21st episode, our music topics include discussions on Morrissey coming to Broadway, Smashing Pumpkins and High Flying Birds touring together this year, Mondo Soundtrack releases, and much more. Our main topics include a weekly One-Hit Wonder Discussion, which was Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice  Baby”. Our other main topic is all about the ‘CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL‘. where we discuss their formation, the man, the members, albums, and fandom. It was so much fun. This episode is guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you.

And don’t forget to visit iTunes and Stitcher to subscribe to our podcast. Enjoy the show and see you next week! Thank you for listening.

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