I had the pleasure to sit down with the ‘You Might Be The Killer‘ filmmakers at Fantastic Fest 2018 this year, including Thomas P. Vitale, Griff Furst, and Brett Simmons. Their film ‘YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER‘ is a fun-as-hell movie about a group of camp counselors being brutally murdered one-by-one by a masked killer. The head counselor calls his friend back in the city for help since she is a horror movie aficionado¬†and could help him survive. See the full review HERE.

Marc Ciafardini from GO-SEE-TALK and Bryan Kluger from Boomstick Comics host the Q&A.

We discuss the making of ‘YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER‘, casting, the music, influences, favorite scenes, and even a karaoke number by Huey Lewis.

It was a ton of fun. See this movie.

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