Fantastic Fest Film Review: ‘Murder Me, Monster’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 24th, 2018

Murder Me, Monster is a horror film out of Argentina that turned out to be absolutely bonkers. In the remote regions of Argentina, a woman’s body is found with no head. Cruz, an officer assigned to the crime, begins to investigate what is going on. While Cruz is looking into the death, he is also having an affair with a married woman. The woman’s husband is named David and he has gone missing again and Cruz sets off to find him. Cruz finds David in an abandoned village in the mountains.

Something is very wrong with David that is tough to describe¬†but very unnerving. As more headless women begin to show up in the region Cruz and the rest of the officers believe David is involved until it seems that an actual monster may be responsible. The actual monster is a creature with a vagina for a face that has teeth and a tail that looks like a penis. I knew I was at Fantastic Fest when the creature was biting a man’s arm off while using its penis tail in another area…

The movie is very well shot and the acting is good. Sometimes there is a disconnect with performances due to subtitles but the acting here was good enough to where I didn’t feel that my reading took away from any of the characters. However, the pacing and length of the movie do it no favors. The movie feels so long.


There are a ton of pauses and delays in the narrative that took away from my enjoyment of it as a whole. When the movie ended I really felt that it could have been 30 minutes shorter. I think that the film tried to do way too much. It was a horror, mystery, mental health, relationship, and sexual dynamics film and because it tried to do so much that its overall effectiveness suffered.

Written by: Dan Moran

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