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On August 23rd, I had the privilege to sit with the twin directors of KIN, Josh and Jonathan Baker.  Adorable, funny, and in charge, these two are about to take the world by storm.  Tune in and discover this handsome duo’s origin, perspectives, and insights as well as the impromptu pop quiz they sprung on me.  Josh and Jonathan are a hoot and a half.  So much fun and interesting conversation were had.

KIN entered theaters on August 31st.  Young Eli finds a mysterious weapon only to discover he has a connection to it along with its origin.  Refreshingly original and gifted with sound and engaging cinematic artistry, KIN is very enjoyable and since it is PG-13 it is relatively safe for your little ones as well.    Haven’t seen it yet?  Hop to it, People!  The film is fresh and has a turn which shoots your mind into the exosphere.  Check out my review of KIN here

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