We have a very fun 69th episode (HAHAHA – 69), which happens to be the second podcast of 2018, of our fun podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘Media-Ocrity‘, where the show is just – okay. Here on the show, we focus strictly on horror/sci-fi, comic books, and video games – basically all the fun stuff that tickles your fancy. In our 69th episode, titled ‘Godzilla kills Jeremy‘, we discuss TV shows that should get the reboot treatment in this day and age, the best things on Netflix right now, including the new original anime film ‘Godzilla‘, as well as some video game news, the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer, and recasting ‘Kindergarten Cop‘. It was so much fun. This episode is guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you. I am joined pop-culture wizard Jonathan Atterbury and comic book artist Jeremy Megert.

And don’t forget to visit iTunes and Stitcher to subscribe to our podcast. Enjoy the show and see you next week! Thank you for listening.

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Movie Quotes

[While punching the bad guy on the back of the boat, Indiana looks ahead, and sees two ships next to each other]
Indiana Jones:
Are you Crazy? Don't go between them!
Dr. Elsa Schneider:
Go between them? Are you crazy?
[Indiana punches bad guy from the boat]
[Elsa drives the boat between the ships]
[Indiana climbs forward, and takes the wheel of the boat]
Indiana Jones:
I said go around!
Dr. Elsa Schneider:
You said go between them!
Indiana Jones:
I said don't go between them!
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) The Movie Quotes