Robert Pattison will have a ‘Good Time’ on Blu-ray!

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 7th, 2017

Good Time‘ is coming to Blu-ray and Digital Streaming on November 21st, and is a hardcore violent film that stars Robert Pattison and Jennifer Jason Leigh. When the movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, it was met with critical praise and a big standing ovation, much to the appreciation of the filmmakers – The Sadie Brothers. Expect an audio commentary and some other cool bonus features with this one.

From acclaimed filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie comes this hypnotic, adrenaline-fueled crime thriller. In a career-defining role, Robert Pattinson stars as Connie Nikas, who embarks on a twisted one-night odyssey through the city’s underworld in a desperate – and dangerous – attempt to get his brother Nick (Benny Safdie) out of jail.

The Good Time Blu-ray and DVD, which includes a never-before-seen featurette; audio commentary with directors Benny and Josh Safdie, producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, and actors Taliah Lennice Webster and Buddy Duress; and a music video.


  • “The Pure and the Damned: Good Time” Featurette
  • Audio Commentary with directors Josh and Benny Safdie, producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, and actors Taliah Lennice Webster and Buddy Duress
  • Music Video

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