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It may have taken long enough, but Disney (to be read Kathleen Kennedy) finally found a director they can get along with when it comes to the super-successful ‘Star Wars‘ franchise. There was a ton of tension on-set between Kennedy and original ‘The Last Jedi‘ directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller which led to a parting of the ways and ideas for new directors were naming almost anyone in Hollywood to take up the reigns until Rian Johnson was named as successor. He stayed in step with Kennedy’s vision for the film and ultimately has gained enough trust to be given the power to develop a new trilogy of films that will live in the ‘Star Wars‘ universe, along with collaborator Ram Bergman, but a different galaxy.

In addition to a new trilogy of films, the parent company, Disney, is planning a live-action ‘Star Wars‘ TV series that will help anchor their streaming service that should launch within the next two years. Besides a ‘Star Wars‘ series, Disney is working on creating TV series from other hits in their franchise stable like ‘Monster’s Inc.‘, and ‘High School Musical‘, all along with an untitled series from Marvel.

Besides the original TV series Disney is developing, they will also produce a handful of original movies per year that would be exclusive to the streaming service. Other news about Disney’s streaming service is that they will have a lot less content than Netflix has to offer and the price will be lower than what Netflix is going for right now, which is $10.99/month. There is a lot of entertainment being prepped to head our way.

It’s big news for sure, but not all surprising. I bet ‘Star Wars‘ projects will continue to be announced through the next 20 years, because Disney knows what its doing. The only thing I don’t want is for the market to become over-saturated with ‘Star Wars‘ content, much like how the superhero genre and zombie genre has become stale as of late.


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