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Imagine a film where Steven Yeun is covered in blood. *yawn* We’ve seen that dozens of times on ‘The Walking Dead‘, right? Let me assure you, we’ve never seen him like this! From the twisted director, Joe Lynch, comes ‘Mayhem‘.

The tag describing this film as ‘Office Space‘ meets ‘The Purge‘ is pretty spot-on for the ultra violence that we see in just the trailer. What if there were a virus that could infect an entire corporate law office, it’s introduction just so happens to occur during a time that attorney Derek Saunders (Yeun) is framed by a co-worker and unjustly fired? A week of bad news if it’s the flu, but what infects these employees is so much worse. It causes people to act out their wildest impulses by removing their inhibitions and you’re not just fighting with the annoying guy in the cubicle next to you, you’re trying to kill each other.

Mayhem is a noun meaning violent or damaging disorder; chaos. Let me just say this film was named appropriately. Joining Yeun in the office are Samara Weaving (‘Monster Trucks‘), Steven Brand (‘The Scorpion King‘), Caroline Chikezie (‘Aeon Flux‘), and Kerry Fox (‘Shallow Grave‘) and Dallas Roberts another alum from TWD.

Lynch won the Audience Award at the Chattanooga Film Festival, and came in 3rd place at Fantasia Film Festival where he introduced ‘Mayhem‘ just recently. I say it’s just a crime this film didn’t finish #1 at Fantasia. He’s got a solid body of work that is crawling with violence, death, and all the stomach churning events that lead to those acts. Among those ‘Everly‘ stands at the top, for a short time, before ‘Mayhem‘ overtakes the top spot in my opinion. Trust me when I say Joe Lynch is a bonafide badass of cinema.

MAYHEM in Theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on November 10th. 


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