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Here’s a SPECIAL EDITION episode of the MULTI-MEDIA MEN where we discuss the wonderful film festival in Austin, TX called Fantastic Fest. Who’s we? Well, that is Preston Barta from FreshFictionTV and James Cole Clay from FreshFictionTV and we had a ball, discussing all the movies and events we took part in at Fantastic Fest this year. From zombie Christmas musicals to suicide by fireworks all the way to haunted tortured houses, Gilbert Gottfried, The Monster Squad, and even a hilarious Canadian TV show – – we cover it all. Oh yeah, and there’s BATPUSSY!

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Salvatore Maroni:
I thought the D.A. just played golf with the mayor, things like that?
Harvey Dent:
Tee off's one-thirty, more than enough time to put you away for life, Sally.
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