Bob’s Burgers Movie is Coming in 2020!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 4th, 2017

Hi everyone, Bryan here….

Move over ‘Simpsons‘, because ‘Bob’s Burgers‘ is making it to the big screen from 20th Century Fox. That’s right, there is going to be a ‘Bob’s Burgers‘ film in theaters, but you’ll have to be patient, because the movie won’t come out until July 17, 2020. We might have flying cars by that time and robot overlords. The animated show has been a hit since 2011 when it first aired on Fox and has developed into a cash cow and is critically acclaimed across the board for its offbeat humor.

Bob’s Burgers‘ even won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Series in 2014 and again this year. Also, people can’t seem to get enough of ‘Bob’s Burgers‘ in other forms of media as there is an excellent cookbook with all the weird burgers made in the show as well as a big vinyl deluxe box set soundtrack where you can listen to songs from the series.

“We’re thrilled to be invited to bring Bob’s Burgers to the big screen,” show creator Loren Bouchard said. “We know the movie has to scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had, but it also has to work for all the good people who’ve never seen the show. We also know it has to fill every inch of the screen with the colors and the sounds and the ever so slightly greasy texture of the world of Bob’s – but most of all it has to take our characters on an epic adventure. In other words, it has to be the best movie ever made. But no pressure, right?!”

It seems like the creatives have their work cut out for them over the next few years, but I imagine this movie will be everything we want it to be.

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