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Netflix has a spending problem and we the customers are paying for it. #Bullshit The price of the most popular plan, which is the streaming plan that is normally $9.99. Prices are going up 10%, which is only a dollar a month, making it $10.99 now. I’d be okay with this, but nothing is happening to warrant this other than that the shit-heads at Netflix are selling the farm for more content.

Sure, Netflix has some of the best original content out there, but when you just shell out millions without thinking about it, don’t force your customers to cover you. Netflix said that the raise in price is to cover the cost for the search for the next ‘Orange is the New Black‘ and ‘House of Cards‘ so it can compete with stuff like ‘Transparent‘ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘. #Idiots The price hike will begin in November and will affect more than 53 million subscribers. Netflix plans to spend $6 billion on content this year alone, which sounds unbelievable.

If you want to view content in 4K UHD, your plan will increase too from $11.99 to $13.99 now. It will never end and I imagine most streaming services will all end up over $20 in the next couple of years. There’s no point for it, and while I want to cancel my subscription, I know I won’t because there is so much good content. HBO is still better.




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