Hey guys, Jana here, Want a peek at ‘Assholes‘? Leave your pants on, I’m talking about the film. A Breaking Glass Pictures production by writer/director Peter Vack. Vack also stars in the flick alongside Betsey Brown, Jack Dunphy, Patrick LaBella, Jane Brown, Ron Brown, and Eileen Dietz.

Adah and Aaron are sober drug addicts who meet in their psychoanalyst’s waiting room. They have sex, discover they share an anal fetish, relapse on poppers, conjure a demon, and kill Adah’s brother. When their faces turn into Assholes, Adah’s parents stage a reality show intervention to get the couple sober again.

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Bruce Nolan:
How was that?
Grace Connelly:
That was great.
Bruce Nolan:
Grace Connelly:
That was really great. Now you still have to go over there. The nurse is waiting
Bruce Nolan:
Do I have to
Grace Connelly:
Oh, it's not going to hurt. In fact I think you'll find it quite pleasurable.
Bruce Nolan:
Hum, really.
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