The Death Wish Remake has a trailer!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 3rd, 2017

Hi everyone, Bryan here….

The Death Wish remake trailer is here and looks like a lot of fun. Based off of Brian Garfield’s novel and remade from a 1974 film that starred Charles Bronson, which led to a couple of sequels, this reboot of the ultra-violent movie franchise stars Bruce Willis in his most monotone acting role yet with Eli Roth (The Bear Jew) behind the camera and Joe Carnahan on screenplay. Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Camila Morrone, Dean Norris and Kimberly Elise also star in the film.

Death Wish follows a guy whose family is viciously murdered, who takes it in his own hands to track down the bad guys in Chicago by himself. Little does anyone know, he’s actually good at killing people and avenging his family. That, and he dresses like Mark Zuckerberg from the Facebook movie. The film comes out on November 22nd of this year, which means that right after I eat two pounds of turkey and dressing, I’m going to see this movie.

The trailer itself again, looks fun, if you’re into the violent action films, but it also looks a bit corny, which might be a throw back to the original films. Also, AC/DC’s Back in Black fills the trailer with music, so be sure to get your toes tapping. Enjoy the trailer.

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