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by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 3rd, 2017

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Movie Quotes

Edna Turnblad:
First the hair, now this?
Wilbur Turnblad:
But, all the kids are battin' up their hair now, hon.
Edna Turnblad:
[to Wilbur] You're no help.
Tracy Turnblad:
It's ratting, daddy.
[to Edna]
Tracy Turnblad:
And our first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy does it!
Edna Turnblad:
I don't believe that.
Tracy Turnblad:
What do you mean you don't believe that? How else would it look that way?
Edna Turnblad:
I believe that it is naturally stiff.
Hairspray (2007) The Movie Quotes