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Sam Esmail, you know the guy behind the creation of ‘Mr. Robot‘? He’s on tap to take on a Bermuda Triangle project for Universal. Several different sets of writers have taken on the task and not come up with anything the company wants to roll with. This could prove to be an unwritable movie, perhaps plagued by the mysterious things it’s about? One good thing is the previous writers are still accounted for, so they haven’t disappeared completely.

We don’t have any of the details the film may cover, but there’s enough fodder out there to come up with something great, and Esmail just might be the right guy for it. Esmail and partner Chad Hamilton will produce, along with Dylan Clark through his Dylan Clark Productions.

Besides Esmail’sMr. Robot‘, Amazon has recently placed an order for two seasons of his series ‘Homecoming‘ starring Julia Roberts.

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