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Here’s a new addition to the Boomstick Comics lineup – Favorite Movie Scene of the Day! If you’ve seen any of my interviews with filmmakers or actors, one questions I never forget to ask is What is your favorite scene in a movie that has always stuck with you? Everyone gives different answers and they are always caught off guard and have some fun answering this particular question. Just look how much fun Keanu Reeves had answering the question. It’s different than answering “What is your favorite movie?”, because it allows you to think to a specific moment in a film that really connected with you that you never seem to forget, quote, cry over, or laugh at. So I hope to bring some excellent scenes from movies that you’ve forgotten or haven’t seen in a long while in hopes of rekindling a relationship of passion with your favorite movies and characters. This is #1

We’ve all interviewed for a job before. It’s the worst thing imaginable. Perhaps even worse than watching any David Schwimmer movie known to the world. I joke, of course. Nothing is worse than that. Job interviews are huge stress inducers, awkward, unpleasant, and full of weird and asinine questions that usually have some bullshit answer that you fudge your way through for 3 minutes too long. It’s just how it works. Not all job interviews are like this, but most are. Some uptight people in suits sitting in front of you without a shred of humor, asking you why you think you should be paid for a job you are over qualified for.

Enter  Spud.

Danny Boyle crafted the perfect interview scene in his 1996 opus – Trainspotting.

In the scene, Spud is discussing his interview with Renton on how nervous he is about doing it. He even shows his hands are shaking. Renton supplies him with some cocaine with a quick cut to the actual job interview where Boyle quick cuts as if the camera itself is high on cocaine and can’t focus on one sentence, let alone try and understand why Spud is saying in his drug fueled interview.

In fact, Spud is the best case scenario in an interview and does exactly what most of us dream of doing.

“He fucked up good and proper.”


Below is the official screenplay of the scene for your reference.




               The same office. The same team are interviewing Spud.

                         No, actually I went to Craignewton 
                         but I was worried that you wouldn't 
                         have heard of it so I put the Royal 
                         Edinburgh College instead, because 
                         they're both schools, right, and 
                         we're all in this together, and I 
                         wanted to put across the general 
                         idea rather than the details, yeah? 
                         People get all hung up on details, 
                         but what's the point? Like which 
                         school? Does it matter? Why? When? 
                         Where? Or how many O grades did I 
                         get? Could be six, could be one, 
                         but that's not important. What's 
                         important is that I am, right? 
                         That I am.

                                     MAN 1
                         Mr. Murphy, do you mean that you 
                         lied on your application?

                         Only to get my foot in the door. 
                         Showing initiative, right?

                                     MAN 1
                         You were referred here by the 
                         Department of Employment. There's 
                         no need for you to get you "foot 
                         in the door", as you put it.

                         Hey. Right. No problem. Whatever 
                         you say, man. You're the man, the 
                         governor, the dude in the chair, 
                         like. I'm merely here. But obviously 
                         I am. Here, that is. I hope I'm 
                         not talking too much. I don't 
                         usually. I think it's all important 
                         though, isn't it?

                                     MAN 2
                         Mr. Murphy, what attracts you to 
                         the leisure industry?

                         In a word, pleasure. My pleasure 
                         in other people's leisure.

                         What do you see as your main 

                         I love people. All people. Even 
                         people that no one else loves, I 
                         think they're OK, you know. Like 

                         Homeless people?

                         No, not homeless people. Beggars, 
                         Francis Begbie -- one of my mates.  
                         I wouldn't say my best mate, I 
                         mean, sometimes the boy goes over 
                         the score, like one time when we -- 
                         me and him -- were having a laugh 
                         and all of a sudden he's fucking 
                         gubbed me in the face, right --

                         Mr. Murphy, {leaving your friend 
                         aside,} do you see yourself as 
                         having any weaknesses?

                         No. Well, yes. I have to admit it: 
                         I'm a perfectionist. For me, it's 
                         the best or nothing at all. If 
                         things go badly, I can't be 
                         bothered, but I have a good feeling 
                         about this interview. Seems to me 
                         like it's gone pretty well. We've 
                         touched on a lot of subjects, a 
                         lot of things to think about, for 
                         all of us.

                                     MAN 1
                         Thank you, Mr. Murphy. We'll let 
                         you know.

                         The pleasure was mine. Best 
                         interview I've ever been to. Thanks.

               Spud crosses the room to shake everyone by the hand and 
               kiss them.

                                     RENTON (V.O.)
                         Spud had done well. I was proud of 
                         him. He fucked up good and proper.

By Bryan Kluger

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