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So, Snatched won’t be winning any Oscars, but if you go in with incredibly low expectations, you can’t be that let down. It has some pretty funny parts, it has some first class actors (Amy Schumer is not one of them), and at the end of the day it’s a film about how much you need your mom and we can generally all get on board with that.

The movie is about a young woman who makes (gasp) non-refundable travel plans with her boyfriend for a trip to Ecuador. When her boyfriend, played by Randall Park, breaks up with her, she is left struggling to find a replacement date for the exotic vacay. Park is known for his roles in Trainwreck, The Interview, and most notably in his current role as Louis in Fresh Off the Boat. While his role in the film is minor, he’s fun to watch and steals the one scene he is in. Amy Schumer plays Emily who then ends up asking her divorced mom, Linda (Goldie Hawn) to accompany her on the trip.

Hawn obviously has earned her chops as an actor, but her role in this movie is meh at best. She is believable as Linda Middleton, a divorced cat lady who lives with her agoraphobic son, but the role isn’t very dynamic. It’s disappointing to see Hawn in such a flat role after so long. So off Emily and Linda go to Ecuador. Emily, who wants to party and let loose, and Linda, who wants to read cover up and read her cat mags. They meet Barb (Joan Cusack) and Ruth (Wanda Sykes) at the resort. Soon after their arrival, Emily and Linda are kidnapped and held hostage for ransom.


The stars of the film are the supporting characters. Sykes and Cusack shine in their roles. As mentioned, Park garners laughs for his few moments on screen as well. My favorite character, as well as the one who made me laugh the hardest, was Ike Barinholtz who played Emily’s brother, Jeffrey.

Aside from characters who loosely hold the film together, it’s really poorly written and isn’t anything like Trainwreck if that’s what you were hoping for. Schumer’s acting in this seems to have gotten worse. I like the mom message, but it seems forced and far-fetched and at points just completely over the top attempting to get a laugh or a reaction. It tries way too hard to be cool. Full disclosure, my mom said she loved it. I am not completely sure if it was the movie or spending time with me, which goes to show you- the message of Snatched is on point. So if you want to show your mom you love her and skip a below average movie- maybe just spend some time with her this mother’s day.

Wait for Netflix!

-Beka Perlstein

By Bryan Kluger

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