Hey guys, Jana here,


The trailer just landed for ‘The Little Mermaid‘, now before images of a red-headed Ariel singing Disney songs jumps into your brain, this is NOT the Disney version. While the film shares the name of the popular animated flick, the story line is much different. A young reporter and his younger sister travel to a small town in Mississippi to find who is believed to be the real Little Mermaid.

The actors in the film are a truly decent caliber for what looks like a pretty-crap movie in the trailer. It’s disappointing, but it is what it is. Mega-star Shirley MacLaine (‘Terms of Endearment‘), Gina Gershon (‘Face/Off‘), William Moseley (‘The Chronicles of Narnia‘), Poppy Drayton (‘When Calls The Heart‘) and William Forsythe (‘The Rock‘) are among the names anchoring the film. The project is set to bow sometime this year.



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