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The Multi-Media Men Podcast is back with another episode, marking a return of the show since earlier this year. Expect even more. This is Episode #65. It was a lot of fun to say the least as Wade Davis and myself discussed the hilarious film ‘Troll 2‘, HBO’s ‘Westworld‘ series finale, some of the BEST soundtrack songs from films, and a PRE-CAST of ‘Stranger Things’, which we cast 90’s TV characters in each role! It was awesome. Enjoy the show.

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Movie Quotes

Polly Perkins:
[after Joe marked Totenkopf's location on a map] There's nothing there. Are you sure you did it right?
Joe 'Sky Captain' Sullivan:
I'm sure. If the old man was right, that's where Totenkopf is now. Dead center in the middle of nowhere.
[marks another spot on the map]
Polly Perkins:
What's that point there?
Joe 'Sky Captain' Sullivan:
That's where we run out of fuel.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) The Movie Quotes