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A project that can certainly fall into the category of longest gestating reboots is ‘The Crow‘. Since 2008, the plans have been in in the works for a re-imagining of the 1994 film, which itself was based on a comic book series in the late 1980’s by James O’Barr. There were dozens of actors attached to the lead role of Eric Draven from Bradley Cooper to Norman Reedus with a lot of stops in between. The man we’ll see take on the undead vigilante role is officially Jason Momoa!!


I have been a huge fan of Momoa’s since ‘Johnson Family Vacation‘ in 2004. It took me until ‘Game of Thrones‘ to remember and put together that he was the same guy! Since then, I’ve been on top of his work (I thank you) and can’t wait to see him in ‘The Crow‘. Granted, I think the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee is in a world of it’s own and is absolutely perfect, as is. This makes one reboot I’m not totally against though, which is a little off for me, but I’m anxious to see the film made with modern technology and, of course, Momoa as the walking, talking, undead, vigilante brought to life by a crow.

Production will get underway this January. This project has gone through just about as many directors as leads, but has settled on Colin Hardy. The film will follow the same story, but will follow closer to the original comic than the original film. There has been a lot of speculation that after all this time a decent movie is unlikely, but if you look at Momoa’s current star-power and that he’s going to be following up a HUGE role like Aquaman with this one, I think we can expect great things – at least I am.


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