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A Town Called Panic: Double Fun‘ comes from writer/directors Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, and it’s a sequel to 2009’s ‘A Town Called Panic‘. The new film is made up of two films, ‘Christmas Panic‘ and ‘Back to School Panic‘. The two films are coming together for a one-time screening September 24, 2016. The characters were introduced in Belgian stop-motion animated comedy shorts and have a way of making you completely amused with no will power to stop watching.

The main characters are simply named, Cowboy, Indian, and Horse. The simplicity of the characters are part of the charm. The comedic bits are non-stop and a bit childish, but amusing enough to keep me entertained.

In Christmas Panic, their out-of-control antics lead Horse to call Santa and cancel the presents. But the boys figure they can still save Christmas… if they break into their neighbor’s house to steal his yule log! In Back to School Panic, a class assignment yields a special prize, but only Pig knows the answer. Cowboy and Indian use a special shrinking potion to sneak into Pig’s brain, where they discover a sodium-packed world of pig cops riding in bacon cars and sausage cycles.

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Captain Typho:
My Lady, let me come with you.
There is no danger. The fighting is over, and... this is personal.
[Typho bows]
Captain Typho:
As you wish, My Lady... but I strongly disagree.
I'll be all right, Captain. This is something I must do myself. Besides, Threepio will look after me.
Oh, dear.
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