Interview With Writer/Director Frank LaLoggia!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Sep 19th, 2016

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Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to talk with writer/director Frank LaLoggia, he’s known for ‘Lady in White‘ and ‘Fear No Evil‘. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with him and we talked about everything, from the legend that was the basis for ‘Lady in White‘ to his current project.

Keep reading to hear the interview.



With ‘Lady in White‘ coming up on almost a 30 year anniversary, Scream Factory is giving the film it’s debut on blu-ray which will be available on September 27. The blu-ray has tons of special features and you can see a director’s cut of the classic film.

Lady in White‘ tells the story of Frankie Scarlatti, who lives in a small town with a deadly secret. For a decade, a serial child killer has eluded police, and the death toll continues to rise. Then, one night Frankie gets locked in his school and witnesses the ghost of the first victim being murdered. Now, aided by the girl’s restless spirit, Frankie takes it upon himself to bring her assailant to justice. But in a town with no strangers, the killer may be closer than he knows. Click here to pre-order the film.

You can hear the interview in it’s entirety below. Apologies for the low sound on my side, I was having some technical difficulties.

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