Hey guys, Jana here,


Nickelodeon is celebrating 25 years of Nicktoons and in honor of that benchmark we are getting a one hour movie based on, my favorite, ‘Rocko’s Modern Life‘!!! It’s not going to be a huge feature movie that will hit theaters, but a one hour TV special and I suppose I can live with that because the current time period will get some fresh Rocko commentary. The series aired from 1993-1996 but has lived on in syndication and DVD.

It’s been roughly 23 years since an Aussie wallaby named Rocko, and his companions Heffer Wolfe and Filburt got up to all kind of random adventures in their home of O-Town. So far, that’s all we know about it, air date and casting details aren’t available yet. I’m almost wondering if this isn’t going to be a stepping off point for a reboot of the series. I’ve seen crazier things happen, so I’m staying optimistic about the possibility.


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