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HBO is setting up a ‘Game of Thrones‘ aftershow ala AMC’sTalking Dead‘ which airs right after the current episode of their hit series ‘The Walking Dead‘. One of the reasons Talking Dead is so successful, outside of everyone wanting to know what the hell is coming next and why what just happened, happened is that they have Chris Hardwick anchoring the show. A great deal of the success for ‘After the Thrones‘ is going to rest on the host’s shoulders and HBO has chosen Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan as their go-to guys.


After the Thrones‘ will be produced by Bill Simmons as part of a new partnership between HBO and Simmons. Simmons is a former ESPN personality who parted ways with the sports channel in 2014 over some comments Simmons made about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

After the Thrones‘ will begin right after the premiere of GOT’s season 6 on April 24 and will continue through the season. Like ‘Talking Dead‘, the new series will explore all things GOT the politics and history, theories about future episodes or plot lines, there’s more than enough data to make the show truly entertaining and just as high in the ratings as ‘Game of Thrones‘, itself. It will be available on Mondays on all HBO platforms.

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