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Everyone’s favorite wizarding boy genius has developed a love for performing, sometimes on film and sometimes he prefers to hit the boards in a stage show. Daniel Radcliffe has chosen the latter for his latest project, ‘Privacy‘, to show at the Public Theater, an Off Broadway company that has recently hosted several other big names in Hollywood, Lupita Nyong’o, Claire Danes and Anne Hathaway. Not to mention it’s where the crazy-awesome ‘Hamilton‘ held its debut. On a side note, if you’ve not checked out ‘Hamilton‘, at least get the soundtrack, it is the very definition of epic.

Radcliffe is so much more than an actor from ‘Harry Potter‘ and all too often, that’s where one’s mind goes to think of his work, I do, at least. He’s performed in stage plays both in America and in England, if you don’t remember the near hysteria that broke out when he performed nude in ‘Equus‘, then you’re not much of a Radcliffe fan. Other titles that he’s lent his acting talent to include ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan‘ and ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying‘.

The project is, naturally, about privacy and how the digital era means we always leave a trail behind us, and we see what this means in the life of a lonely guy.

The play at hand is a new play written by James Graham, the author of ‘Finding Neverland‘, with Josie Rourke directing. Radcliffe joins a cast that consists of De’Adre Aziza, Rachel Dratch, Reg Rogers, Raffi Barsounian and Michael Countryman. The show is planned for a summer run from July 5 – August 7.



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