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Kane’s reign of terror continued Monday night as the WWE took Montreal by storm for RAW! The Corporate Demon continued to over step his bounds as he made matches with stipulations he had no business making. The WWE Universe also witnessed its King of the Ring in tag team action and Ryback addressed the Eater of Worlds‘ targeting him. It was a night filled with ups and downs as we continued on our way to Payback (which can be seen on the WWE Network for the low price of FREE in the month of May!)and if you missed it, you can always find out what happened now!



Roman Reigns Confronts Randy Orton

 The huge night began with Randy Orton addressing the triple threat match at Payback. He said that the name of the pay per view was very apt as, payback is exactly what he intended to get on our beloved champion, Seth Rollins. He also said that he would not let Roman Reigns get in the way of him becoming the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. Now, if you speak Roman’s name in vein, he is sure to appear, and appear he did. Roman stated that if anyone deserved to get payback on Rollins, it was him. Roman and Randy continued to verbally jab each other with the Viper listing off a few of his accomplishments and Reigns reminding Orton which of them was victorious at Summerslam.

Before things got too heated, the New Day arrived on the scene and admonished the dual #1 contenders on their negativity. The bringers of positivity also had a few verbal jabs for Orton and Reigns of their own before informing the pair that the Director of Operations sanctioned a match. What kinda match? Well a 2 on 3 handicap match of the New Day vs Roman Reigns & Randy Orton! (any one else feel like the New Day needs more members to take on Randy and Roman?) The match would also be taking place right then and there!


doubl team

Roman Reigns & Randy Orton vs The New Day

2 on 3 Handicap Match

Winner: The New Day

 When on the same page, The Samoan Superman and the Apex Predator are a formidable combination.  The three man team of the New Day had their hands full with the two future Payback opponents. It did feel as if the Tag Team champions would need more men to get the job done as Roman and Randy dominated the first part of the match. They double teamed to the extent of the rules and Xavier Woods felt what it was like when Randy “went for a walk.”

But  the equalizer of Big E is what turned the momentum momentarily as the positive enforcers were able to isolate both Randy and Roman at one point during the match. As Reigns and Orton were getting the advantage back it all fell apart in disastrous fashion. As Randy was working on finishing off Kofi, Roman went for the spear. Kingston dodged and Randy to the move at full impact. As Roman looked on horrified of his mistake, he was yanked from the ring and The New Days high flier took advantage of a downed Viper and got the win for his team.

As The New Day scurried back up the ramp, Kane came out. He informed the two men in the ring that there was no shame in losing to the WWE Tag Team Champions, and if their night was over they could still hold their heads high. However, their nights were not over as they would be facing one another in the main event later that night. Why? Because he could sense a growing dislike in one another that he wished to nurture.

The match itself was a bit slow at first. The Viper methodically dissected whom ever he was in the ring with. Roman showed tremendous ability against his opponents. As stated before, both Roman and Randy worked very well together. Guess uniting against a common enemy does have its advantages. The New Day also showed tremendous team work. Their positive message is lost on the masses, but that’s to be expected. Even though they are growing on me, I must say it is so funny to see how surprised Woods gets every time the crowd says that the New Day Sucks. Almost want to give him a hug… almost…



Ryback Addresses Bray Wyatt

 The WWE Universe got the gift they never knew they wanted. Ryback addressing Bray Wyatt’s targeting of him. Ryback stood in the ring and said he didn’t know why Wyatt was going after him but he was certainly not afraid of the New Face of Fear. He explained that the only thing he feared were the injuries that nearly ended his career and the eater of worlds had perhaps bitten off more than he could chew. This prompted Bray to respond in kind. He promised that while Ryback may not be afraid now, that he would be.

I do like that Ryback is such an eloquent speaker when he is given the chance. However, he had already told the WWE Universe his sob story about his past and how he fed on negativity and turned them into positives. I lost interest. But Bray fired back in spectacular fashion, Ryback take heed, Bray is gonna get you. Follow the Buzzards.



Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs The Ascension

Winner: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

 The Ascension wasted no time in making their presence felt against the Fact Droppers. The isolated Tyson early and used quick tags and high impact moves to keep the ring cut in half. Kidd weathered the physical onslaught of both Konor and Viktor and used his quickness to his advantage as he readily tagged in the King of Swing. From there it was all Cesaro as Viktor became the recipient of 10 European Upper Cuts from corner to corner that was then followed up by a clothesline that could be felt by every person in the Montreal crowd. Konor attempted to save the day for his team but he was taken out by a flying Tyson Kidd. Cesaro and Tyson got the win after Viktor was taken for a ride with a sudden drop kick that stopped the swinging.

This was a huge win for Cesaro and Tyson. The Ascension are no push overs and looked like they almost had it. But it seemed they had not planned for the insane strength of Cesaro. Tyson and his team mate have become the premier team in the tag team division. Now that is nothing against my beloved Ascension. They looked amazing too, but they did not seem to take their opponents too seriously. Where is the Ascension that dominated NXT? Get your sh*t together boys. This is NOT what I waited so long for your main roster debut for.



Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

If Ambrose Wins, He is Added to the Championship Match At Payback

Winner: Dean Ambrose

 The Director of Operations showed how out of touch with knowing what was best for business when he made the rematch of our beloved WWE World Heavy Weight Champion and the Lunatic Fringe. Not only was he responsible for this potentially dangerous match, but he also added the stipulation that if Dean Ambrose won the bout, that he would be added to the main event at Payback to make it a Fatal Four Way. But to add insult to injury, he also barred J & J Security from ring side!

The match itself was a furious pace the moment the bell rang with Ambrose immediately attempting to roll Rollins up for a quick win. It didn’t work but the Savior of the WWE quickly bounced back. The two men traded blows and momentum and created magic in the ring. This match captivated the WWE Universe sat on the edge of their seats and watched the Unstable one and the Architect fight bitterly and trade high risk maneuvers, put each other in submissions and do everything they could to destroy the other.

After a powerbomb to the guard rail, one would have thought that Rollins was about to win via count out. But Ambrose proved more resilient as he barely made it in to break the count. The bitter battle continued on but the end came when, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury flew in from the back in an attempt to aid the champion despite being barred from ringside. Their enthusiasm cost the champion his match as their distraction allowed Ambrose to roll Seth up for the 3 count. Ambrose vacated quickly after stealing the victory laughing all the way to the back.

Ambrose and Rollins capture lightning in a bottle every time they step in the ropes against one another. I never ever get tired of seeing them face off. Their rivalry from the summer was easily the best thing on WWE television at the time and arguably the best thing in recent years. They truly are wrestling soul mates and just leave me in awe every time. Now to concentrate on the match itself…

What the bloody hell man!?! Has Kane lost his ever loving mind?? Sure he says there is a plan but I have half a mind that he sent J & J Security out their knowing they would botch aiding Rollins just so Ambrose would pick up the win. Seth wasn’t expecting them ring side, and everyone knows they are only half competent. The Corporate Demon’s jealous of Seth Rollins is really becoming an issue for our beloved champion. I can’t wait for Stephanie and Hunter to come back and put the Devil’s favorite Demon back in his place.



Rusev vs Fandango

Winner: Rusev

 Not quite the squash match I was expecting but not really a contest for Rusev either. There was very little offense from Fandango but he did get in a few good licks. Though his biggest contribution to the match was getting Lana to “Fandango” with the crowd. She was then promptly sent to the back by Rusev. Cuz let’s face it, she was a distraction and she is becoming a bit more influenced by our American ways. I’m thinking she needs to be all reeducated in Russia!After Rusev took care of the issue at ring side he promptly set his attention on Fandango and the rest of the match was the squash match I had expected. Rusev crushed the Dancing superstar with an Accolade. The lesson here, less dancing, more crushing.

Lana is slowly being influenced by us Americans. She’s enjoying the WWE Universe’s adulation a little much. What’s next for the Ravishing Russian, baseball games and apple pie? I will give it to Fandango, he lasted much longer than I expected him to. So kudos there. Rusev on the other hand… well he needs to get Lana to focus on the mission at hand. How does the Bulgarian Brute expect to beat John Cena if he keeps having to worry about Lana? it doesn’t happen that’s how. Either leave her in the back or get her back on track. Rusev can not afford these distractions at Payback.



Stardust vs R-Truth

Winner: Stardust

 Stardust came out with a mystery bag that he left in the corner during the battle. As the bell rang the two competitors clashed and the one formerly known as Cody Rhodes aggressively attacks R-Truth. But Truth would not go down so easily as he returned Stardust’s blows. The match was pretty even but every time Truth had Star dust on the ropes, he would attempt to go look inside the bag in the corner. But curiosity, as they say, was Truth’s undoing as when he was finally able to look in the bag he got the worst kinda surprise. Stardust’s bag of tricks was really a bag full of spiders! Stardust landed a pin fall against the arachnophobia sufferer and then glee fully laughed with his army of rubber spiders.

The match it self was a bit of fun. The intrigue of what was in the bag was definitely a nifty pay off as they teased R-Truth getting to it only to have Stardust stop him. Of course I was giggling along with Stardust. The look on R-Truth’s face when he was the spiders was priceless. I’d like to see what else these two can come up with against one another.



John Cena vs Sami Zayn

United States Championship Match

Winner: John Cena

 Oh joy, it’s John Cena time… The spot light whore himself couldn’t let me enjoy Raw in peace but had to come out. He blah blahed about his coming match with Rusev vowing to never say “I Quit.” He then, once again, gave an open challenge to who ever in the back who felt like they wanted to attempt to take the US Title away from him.

The WWE Universe and the man I wished we could not see got a surprise of surprises. Bret “the Hitman” Hart came down to the ring. He wanted to introduce Cena’s opponent. However, Heath Slater came out and interrupted. he was a bit miffed that the last two times he had attempted to answer the John Cena Open Challenge, things had not gone according to plan. The same could be said this time around as Hart knocked Slater silly. Bret then introduced Sami Zayn!!!!

The leader of the Zayniacs had Cena reeling early in the match as he gave it his all to try and dethrown the United States Champion. Their match was incredible but not without a cost. A brutal suplex from John actually injured Zayn’s shoulder. But despite the injury, Zayn continued the match and drew strength from his home town crowd. So much so that in the midst of the insanity that was this match, he was able to kick out of an Attitude Adjustment! We almost thought Sami had it when he hit the Blue Thunder Bomb but Cena’s super power activated and he kicked out at two. It finally took a second AA to keep Sami down.

I will give credit where it is due (even though it pains me to say something nice about Cena) this match was very good. Not the best I’ve ever seen, but the two men involved held nothing back and excelled in front of the Montreal crowd. I am so proud of Sami. This match was a slam dunk and even in defeat he showed that he belonged under the main roster lights. He gave Cena a run for his money and if not for his hurt shoulder, I’m sure that Zayn could have won the United States Championship.



Nikki Bella vs Naomi

Winner: Never Happened

 This was a bit unexpected. Before the match could even think about beginning, Nikki and Brie Bella were attacked by Naomi and Tamina. So the match never happened. A beat down happened, but no match. Was pretty cool.

Not much to say, but I bet we have a tag team match in our future between these four Divas.



King Barrett & Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler & Neville

Winner: King Barrett & Sheamus

 King Barrett strutted down to the ring in full regalia of his royal title. He teamed with Sheamus to take on Neville and Dolph Ziggler. This match saw the King start the match against the Show Off. Barrett took control and held on to it as he pounded on Ziggler and laughed about it. He would tag in his partner who would also get in his far share. They isolated Ziggy as best they could but Ziggler proved his abilities by creating the necessary separation to tag in his partner. Once he was the legal man, Neville started to destroy his opponents. He showed amazing strength by German suplexing BNB and bridging it to get the near fall. Neville would continue his  onslaught and pick up a few more near falls but nothing would keep his fellow brit down. As the man that gravity forgot set Barrett up for the Red Arrow, a distraction from Sheamus cost him valuable seconds and Barrett recovered enough to deliver the bull hammer to Neville in mid air.

This was an better than average match that furthered the story between all four men. While they are pair off for individual rivalries, there is a chemistry between that all four men that is simply enjoyable. Neville continues to prove that he belongs in the upper card. His work with Barrett is highly entertaining and I would like to see them battle for the Intercontinental title in the future. But of course if there is an IC title to be battled over, you know Ziggler and Sheamus will also be in that hunt. Though the bigger part of me wants to see all four of these men in a ladder match. For what? Money in the Bank perhaps? Oh wow.. that was a happy wrestle-gasm of a thought…



Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Winner: Roman Reigns

Main event time! Roman Reigns and Randy Orton found themselves in singles competition against one another. The match was leaps and bounds above their last singles competition back at Summerslam. The Apex Predator went for an early RKO hoping to end the match nearly as it began, but the Powerhouse would have none of it and avoided the move. The match itself was not so one sided as the Summerslam bout with Roman bringing the fight to the Viper and vice versa. The Samoan Superman gave as good as he got as he continued to prove his nay sayers wrong about his skills and abilities.

The match spilled to the outside of the ring, which was a bit dangerous as J & J Security, Kane and our WWE World Heavy Weight Champion were all ring side to witness the match between the to formidable foes. Things began to get messy as on the outside, Reigns clocked Jamie Noble, for getting too close i suppose. But this set off a chain reaction of retribution. As Roman and Randy fought in the ring, Kane got involved and dragged Roman from the ring and began to beat him down while Rollins, Noble and Mercury concentrated on Orton.

The Authority members continued to show Orton what it meant to go against them on the ground on the other side of the ring, but all that came to an end when a recovered Reigns flew over the top rope and on to the lot of them. Numbers however were not on Randy and Roman’s side as once again they were overwhelmed and at the wrong end of an ass whoopin.  But all was not lost for them as Dean Ambrose came to the aid of his brother, and inadvertently Orton as well. The ring was cleared and the three men stood tall. How did Randy thank them? By RKOing Roman (one can only assume it was for the spear earlier in the night.) How did Dean respond? Dirty Deeds to the Viper.

The match between Randy and Roman was entertaining. The two work well and when you compare the two matches they have had, you can see how much Roman has progressed as a singles competitor. Very proud of the big man that so many people seem to still hate on. Seth on commentary was a lot of fun. And of course, the man spoke truth after truth as he assured the loyal members of those who bought in, that he would retain his title at Payback. I have full faith in his abilities. The end of the night was a bit of fun that added even more intrigue. Randy however does need to realize that you don’t mess with Roman when Dean is about. He takes that seriously. It never ends well when you mess with his brother. Wonder how things will shape up though when the title is on the line. How will those brotherly feelings come into play then? Suppose on the way to Payback we will find out.




Angelic Heel

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