Angelic Heel Once More!

Order has been restored and Kane’s reign of terror has come to an end (or has it?) The WWE’s flagship program, RAW, invaded Cincinnati, OH in the last installment before Payback (which can be seen on the WWE Network FREE for the month of May!) The night saw all four competitors of the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Fatal Four Way match in action, as well as the fate of the Intercontinental Championship decided. Did you miss the go home show? No worries, I got ya covered! Find out what happened NOW!!





Triple H Restores Order to the Chaos

 The night began with the return of the King of Kings, Triple H. One half of the Authority made his way down to the ring and proclaimed that Daddy was indeed home! And he was going to make it his personal mission to sort out the issues between his Director of Operations and the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion.  Our beloved champion made his way down to the ring and he was soon followed by the man who has lost touch with what is best for business.

Tensions continued to rise and once again things almost came to blows until the Game stepped in and forced cooler heads to prevailed. While he admitted to Kane, that sometimes Seth made you want to punch him right in his face (wait… what??), he was what was best for business because he said he was. And that if Rollins did not come out of the Fatal 4 Way still champion, then perhaps, Kane’s services were no longer needed in the Authority.

But Hunter was not finished. He stated that all four men in the match would see action that night. Roman Reigns would face Kane and the undisputed future would face Randy Orton in the main event of the evening. Jamie Noble took exception to his charge being put in danger so close to Sunday and aired his grievances with the COO of the WWE. Hunter mentioned that there was still one man in the Fatal Four way who was to see action, and since both men in J & J Security basically equaled one real man, that the both of them would face Dean Ambrose right then and there. The Game then exited the ring and took both Kane and Seth with him, leaving Joey and Jamie to their match.



Dean Ambrose vs J & J Security

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Winner: Dean Ambrose

 The Lunatic Fringe exploded into his home town arena and was ready for a fight. J & J head their hands full and struggled greatly against the Unstable one. Only briefly were they able to use their numbers to gain a slight advantage against Ambrose, but he quickly turned the tides back in his favor and dispatched both Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble with a clothes line as he rebounded off the ropes. Dean followed up the double move with a Dirty Deeds to Noble to pick up the relatively easy win

It was good to see Dean back to his old ways of doing things. Suicide dives onto his opponents, unorthodox moves mixed in with his technical ability. It was just a fun display of how much of a threat that he poses to the other 3 men in the main event at Payback. Best of all, it just looked like Ambrose had a blast in this match. He knew those two stood no chance and he made an example of the both of them. Poor lil guys…



King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner: King Barrett

 The match began at a fever pitch and way before our King was prepared to begin. He was still removing his robes when the Show Off attacked him from behind! Dolph continued his assault and work Barrett over for the first portion of the bout. Barrett battled back and attempted to hit the Bull Hammer early on but he ended up shoulder first in the ring post. Ziggler continued to control the match and it looked like he was setting up for the finish and the victory but the royal muscle, Sheamus (who had been sitting in on commentary) flew to his King’s aid. So while the match will officially be a win for Ziggler, the beating he received for his efforts by the two men, was certainly no victory celebration.

I like this partnership that is budding between Barrett and Sheamus. Sure it seems odd that an Irishmen is following a monarch, but hey this is WWE and everything is possible in the realm. The match between Ziggy and Barrett was a fun short thing and holy crap the Zig man actually hit the Fame-assor vs having it countered. Guess that’s what he is able to produce after the cheap shot to Barrett. Speaking of the cheap shot, it was very much in the style of my people to do something like that. Love the aggression coming from the little engine that could. Keep it up Ziggy, you might actually have a  chance to exact retribution on the Hand of the King of the Ring.



Erick Rowan vs Fandango

Winner: Erick Rowan

 So the band IS back together!! Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have made peace and Fandango is the first to fall before this immensely powerful team of deceptively athletic men.  If you blinked you missed it. Oh wait.. that was the dancer’s offense. It lasted about as long as an ice cube in a volcano before he was slammed to the mat and utterly destroyed by big red Rowan.

This match served to show the united front that is Luke Harper and his sheep mask wearing brother. So… how fun would it be if the lead singer of this swamp dwelling family reunited with the rest of the band? Follow the Buzzards indeed.



Neville vs John Cena

United States Championship Match

Winner: Neville

 John Cena once again came out and true to his spot light whoring ways, began to bore the WWE Universe by once again spouting off the same old rhetoric of how he never gives up, nor will he say “I Quit” when he faced Rusev at Payback. He tried to convince us who know the truth about him, that he offered opportunity to who ever stepped up to accept the John Cena Open Challenge. And with that he gave out his invite and who would accept? Why the man who will face King Barrett in a match on Sunday, Neville.

As the match began, the United States Champion worked to keep the high flier grounded. But while he is new to the main roster, Neville is no newblet in the ring and battled his way back and got Cena reeling with the high risk, high impact maneuvers that he is known for. Cena was able to land an Attitude Adjustment on the most decorated NXT Alumni, but the smaller competitor kicked out! The match became a back and forth as both men battled for supremacy. It even looked like Neville would accomplish the impossible as he landed the Red Arrow on a prone John Cena. But Rusev entered the ring and assaulted both men, ending the match.  The Bulgarian brute locked in the Accolade and cena passed out from the pain.

Honestly, if you get a chance to watch this match, do so. This match was a contender for best match of the night. Neville has stepped up his game and looks amazingly comfortable in the ring with the big names that he keeps facing. How many people can say they kicked out of an AA? (well… to be fair, quite a few now… I would assume because Cena is not the man he used to be.. Just sayin…) The powerbomb to the current champion from Neville was a spectacular feat of strength by the young man from England. Could he have become champion? You bet your sweet ass he could have!



Roman Reigns vs Kane

Winner: No Contest

 Knock out, drag out, slobber knocker, what ever you want to call it, this was. There was no match as the two men never made it to the ring long enough for the official to ring the bell. Roman took the brunt of it as Kane came on strong, one can only assume in an attempt to bring the Samoan Superman down a few pegs before his match on Sunday. As Kane was preparing to make use of the Announce table, Roman battled back and delivered a devastating spear to the Corporate Demon.

This was a bit enjoyable. I do enjoy a massive fight and this one was brutal. These two men tore into one another and really laid into the other. Much better chemistry that Reigns and the Big Show. So glad he’s not about to put me to sleep with anything he does in the ring.And I must say it is so much nicer to see kane beating on someone right for a change instead of our beloved WWE World Heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins.



Tamina vs Brie Bella

Winner: Tamina

 It was not a good day to be Brie Bella. After the attack last week, she faced Tamina in one on one action. The larger diva dominated the match early using her hard hitting powerful moves to keep Brie on the defensive. But Brie battled back and was able to swing momentum in her favor for a brief moment and hit her “Brie-Mode” knee to Tamina’s face once. It was not enough to knock her opponent out of the game so the former Diva’s champion went in for a second knee but was countered by the enforcer’s power. Once back on their feet, Tamina landed a devastating super kick to pick up the win.

This match up was extremely physical. It was one of the better main roster diva’s matches in a while. Tamina brings a physicality to the division that was sorely lacking. I can’t wait to see what else she is capable of. I do want to see her strike out on her own though. She does not need to be in a body guard role to succeed. She could easily own the Diva’s division as talented and as powerful as she is.



Macho Mandow vs Curtis Axel

Winner: No Contest

 In an odd turn of events Damien Sandow became, Damien Macho Mandow to face Curtis Axel. The two began their match and it was a pretty even contest but it appeared that Damien was getting the upper hand. Just then, the Ascension interrupted the match and berated the two men in the ring for imitating old legends. Konor and Viktor rushed the ring to attack the other two men, but Axel and Mandow teamed up and were able to thwart the assault. As the Ascension retreated, Damien and Curtis shook hands creating a mega-Powers-esque alliance.

I love the Ascension, but they really shouldn’t talk, especially Konor. Being vocal is not their strong suit. they need someone to be their mouth piece. Now that being said, my boys should have had no trouble dispatching Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow. Okay maybe a little more trouble with Sandow, but Axelmania should have been shut down easily. It just feels as if my beloved Ascension have lost a step and it’s sad to see. Damien Sandow is entertaining as ever. He makes being a stunt double cool or hey even dressing up as other heroes, he rocks that sh*t. Though I do want him to find his own identity some how. Not too thrilled with the team up of Curtis Axel, but hey I’m open and along for the ride. Let’s see where this goes shall we?



Daniel Bryan Steps Down as Intercontinental Champion

 For the second time in as many years, Daniel Bryan gave up a title due to injury. He came down to the ring, belt on his shoulder, and gave an emotional speech and explained that after seeing the doctors and getting an MRI, they did not know when (or if) he would be able to wrestle again. Bryan stated that the WWE Universe deserved a fighting champion and that he was officially relinquishing the Intercontinental Championship. He laid the belt and the microphone in the center of the ring and thanked the WWE Universe for all of their support and for helping to make his dreams come true.

Now… I could say I told you so. and Go on and on about B+ players and such, but I’m going to be kind and let you guys grieve for your goat. Just remember, he did the right thing. Even he admitted that when he was injured last year, Stephanie taking the title was the right thing to do. I do want to wish Daniel a speedy recovery and I hope he is able to get back into the ring and wrestle in the future. He is entertaining and talented, and all his matches are gold. Heal up Daniel.



Cesaro vs Big E

Winner: Cesaro

 In a hard hitting match that was but a precursor to their 2 out of 3 falls match at Payback, Cesaro took on Big E. The two power houses battled it out in another match that was in contention for best match of the night. Cesaro time and again, displayed his amazing strength as he plucked Big E from the air as if he were Kofi, and tossed him around the ring. On more than one occasion, the Swiss superman pulled out moves the WWE Universe has not seen him use. A couple German Suplexes and European upper cuts ended up swinging the match in his favor and Cesaro picked up the win despite attempted interference by Xavier Woods.

Imma just say now that Cesaro has picked up his game in his bid to get noticed by the powers that be. This match was incredible. I’m not a big fan of Big E’s work, but this match with Cesaro saw both men shine brightly as, like I said, this match was a contender for best match of the night. It was a hard hitting physical bout that gave us but a taste of what can be expected on Sunday.



Ryback Attacks Bray Wyatt

 The Eater of Worlds came out to address the comment Ryback made last week. He assured his faithful that he would tear down the false idol that is Ryback. The Big Guy on the other hand was finished listening to Wyatt speak as he rushed the ring and gave the new Face of Fear a beat down that left Bray Wyatt reeling. While there was a smile on Wyatt’s face, one can only expect that that war brewing at Payback will be no laughing matter.



Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Winner: Randy Orton

In an effort to take on the challenge set before him by WWE COO Triple H, our beloved WWE Heavyweight Champion took on Randy Orton in the night’s main event. Seth and Orton battled bitterly in a rematch from Extreme Rules. It was a back and forth as the two men who know each other’s moves so well struggled to gain the upper hand on the other. Seth was able to gain momentum as he continued to escape and counter the Viper’s best moves. But Randy knew that if he was patient he would eventually be able to strike. A hanging DDT to the champion and it looked like Randy was going to pick up the win, but our resilient champion kicked out and the battle continued.

The match  ended in a DQ however when Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury made their way down and attacked Randy Orton. This created chaos as eventually Roman and Dean made their way out to the ring as well. Kane ventured forth ring side and even picked up a chair, but did he do anything to lift a finger to aid the Savior of the WWE? Nope. His jealousy clouded his judgement and he looked on as Dean hit a Dirty Deeds, Roman hit the spear, and Randy hit an RKO. But the night ultimately belonged to Ambrose as he also hit a Dirty Deeds on his brother from another mother and stood tall and riding the wave of momentum into Payback.

This match was fun to watch. thought the pace of it was a bit uneven at times. I love that Seth is bringing back more of his aerial moves. He needs to bring out all the stops if he is going to over come the odds on Sunday to retain his hard fought for title. Randy is always impressive when he is in the ring. I am liking where this match is going with all the competitors knowing each other’s moves so well, the WWE Universe can expect to see counters to counters we weren’t expecting. I will say the real wild card in the match is Dean. Why? Not even he is sure what he is going to do, the only thing that is a sure reality of his matches is that you need to prepare for the wild and unexpected.



Angelic Heel

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