Hey guys, Jana here,


Lionsgate is joining the magnanimous and philanthropic movement that has taken Hollywood by storm. I’m talking, of course, about the onslaught of Robin Hood projects that will be coming our way via Sherwood Forest, soon.


This project is hoping to distance itself from the others and stand out by taking a different path by making the focus an origin story. ‘Robin Hood: Origins‘ written by Joby Harold has Guy Ritchie attached to direct the story of RH’s beginnings. Disney has their version titled ‘Nottingham & Hood‘ which will be kind of a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ take on the benefactor, then there is The Picture Company’s take on the robber baron set in space, I don’t even know what to make of that one. One thing is for sure, they are all different ways to tell the same base story taken from an 1883 novel written by Howard Pyle. ‘Robin Hood: Origins‘ shares the same writer as Warner Bros. coming ‘Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur‘ which will also be directed by Ritchie.

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