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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Startling ‘Southpaw’ Makeover

This year’s Oscar race was a tough one to call as there were so many deserving and absolutely fantastic movies that made the ballot and hundreds more that didn’t, the films coming out now are offering up performances just as stunning. One of the best examples of great acting comes from Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Southpaw‘.

Gyllenhaal blew us away last year in ‘Nightcrawler‘ where his portrayal of a driven, manic and intense video-journalist showed in his physique, it was rail-thin and lithe proving that the actor will do what it takes to embody his on-screen persona. His dedication to a role is evident in ‘Southpaw‘ as he went through intense training at Floyd Mayweather’s Atlanta training center 7 days a week to get the perfect look of fictional boxer, Billy Hope.

Hope fought his way to the top then lost everything, including his daughter, who was taken away by Child Services. He slowly rebuilds his life, so he goes to the one place he knows like no other, back in the ring. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (‘Olympus Has Fallen‘, ‘Training Day‘) and written by Kurt Sutter (‘Sons of Anarchy‘), incidentally this is Sutter’s first film script. Joining Gyllenhaal on the other side of the camera, is Rachel McAdams who plays his wife and Forest Whitaker is his coach. Check out the trailer and get pumped for it, unfortunately we have to wait until the end of July for it to hit the big screen.

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