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We all know that the Starz network is developing an ‘Evil Dead‘ and ‘Army of Darkness‘ sequel series that stars Bruce ‘man-god’ Campbell in his iconic role as Ash. Sam Raimi will be back to direct and produce as well as Ivan Reitman and Rob Tapert. Now Starz has begun to cast the rest of the show.

Jill Marie Jones (‘Girlfriends‘, ‘Sleepy Hollow‘) will star opposite Bruce Campbell now. The series is being called ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead‘ and has Campbell playing Ash once again with his chainsaw hand, avoiding adult responsibility, and lying low. However, the deadites show up again and Ash must save the world, while coming to terms with his own demons.


Jones will play Amanda Fisher, a state trooper in Michigan, who is looking for Ash to question him about her partner’s murder. However, she must join forces with him to stop the evil dead plague.

The first season will have ten half hour episodes and will premiere later on this year. Let’s hope for an October start date to coincide with Halloween. Interesting enough, the show will be filming in New Zealand, so I expect some awesome Weta effects and maybe a guest appearance from Peter Jackson.

I cannot wait for this show, because any Bruce Campbell is good Bruce Campbell. But when he plays Ash, it’s legendary.

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