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HBO knows how to keep customers satisfied, this was one of the first networks that chose not to rely solely on premium movies to entertain the masses by bringing unique series to the party. The cable channel puts together a clip with highlights from 2014 while adding small teasers for what is to come in 2015.

Included in the reel is the upcoming season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones‘, the hotly anticipated ‘Westworld‘, ‘Girls‘ and  Hugh Laurie’s appearance on ‘Veep‘. Some more of the 2015 lineup includes ‘Togetherness‘ by Jay and Mark Duplass, ‘Project Greenlight‘ returns after airing the first season on Bravo, Tim Robbins and Jack Black team up for ‘The Brink‘. There are so many shows HBO is going to bring us it boggles the mind. With stars like Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Dwayne Johnson and Queen Latifah filling out the cast in their respective series, the premium network has plenty of fan favorites to draw viewers in. With this lineup, we should see the cable giant back in the winner’s circle come awards time.


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Television Reporter:
Is there a specific instance in an airplane emergency when you can recall fear?
Jim Lovell:
Uh well, I'll tell ya, I remember this one time - I'm in a Banshee at night in combat conditions, so there's no running lights on the carrier. It was the Shrangri-La, and we were in the Sea of Japan and my radar had jammed, and my homing signal was gone... because somebody in Japan was actually using the same frequency. And so it was - it was leading me away from where I was supposed to be. And I'm lookin' down at a big, black ocean, so I flip on my map light, and then suddenly: zap. Everything shorts out right there in my cockpit. All my instruments are gone. My lights are gone. And I can't even tell now what my altitude is. I know I'm running out of fuel, so I'm thinking about ditching in the ocean. And I, I look down there, and then in the darkness there's this uh, there's this green trail. It's like a long carpet that's just laid out right beneath me. And it was the algae, right? It was that phosphorescent stuff that gets churned up in the wake of a big ship. And it was - it was - it was leading me home. You know? If my cockpit lights hadn't shorted out, there's no way I'd ever been able to see that. So uh, you, uh, never know... what... what events are to transpire to get you home.
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