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When it comes to Marvel comic-to-movie VS. DC comic-to-movie transformations, Marvel has a clear leading edge with interlaced storylines and sheer numbers that have been released. It pains me to type that because I am a DC fan. HUGE fan of DC characters, the heroes and their amazing villains. To me, the villains are absolute top notch and beat out anything Marvel can throw out. The colors, the histories, the wicked laughs and plots are perfectly my brand of crazy. Among these vivid characters that leap off the pages are Two-Face, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn and of course, The Joker.

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A faction from the fantastic villains have come together to form the ‘Suicide Squad‘! Inked on the pages in 1959, the US government realized that their answer to high-risk missions could actually lie in their prisons. The team of supervillains could be deniable assets for the government while gaining reduced prison sentences for their cooperation. In another twist, this can explain why so many villains are running amok without a team of superheroes searching for them, until they go on another crime spree. Love that neat little package DC gave us.




Margot Robbie is in the running to sign for the ‘Suicide Squad‘ film that has been greenlighted for a bit. She has climbed the Hollywood ladder with roles in ‘Neighbours‘, ‘About Time‘ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘. Recently she has been attached to ‘Ghost In The Shell‘, but is not coming to fruition. Robbie’s cast-mate in next year’s ‘Focus‘, Will Smith is also perusing his options with the antihero actioner. Director David Ayer has taken up the gauntlet that Warner Bros. has thrown down with their vision of ‘Suicide Squad‘ and moving at break-neck speeds to be ready for release in 2016. Tom Hardy is also feeling out his options with the project.

Keep in mind, Bane, which Hardy made his own brilliantly in ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘, was a member of Secret Six, three different teams in the comic book world, that in turn led to his attachment with the Suicide Squad. Can I just take a minute to ask you how amazing this would be?! My fangirl heart is all aflutter thinking of this epic lineup featuring the craziest of the crazies, the scary-smart and just the plain scary villains. It’s a world where it’s OK and even expected for you to root for the bad guy. It’s like a Christmas dinner, with your family and mom looks the other way while you have a glass of wine when you’re only 17.

It’s danger within safe limits. For those of us with a bad side, we always liked the villains even when comic books weren’t cool. We also know that Harley Quinn was first introduced in ‘Batman: The Animated Series‘ in 1992, but that’s a different issue. I just hope they get the actors spot on. DC’s films had trouble, most notably, with casting Batman. Those of us that remember Bat-nipples know how much damage a miscast actor could be for one of our beloved franchises. Oddly though, they did well with the villains. If this trend continues, we may be looking at one of the best-cast films ever created. We can only hope.




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