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You know how One Direction causes pubescent girls across the globe to squeal with glee? Now take that intensity and obsessive behavior and attach it to millions of guys that follow comic books and video games the way a stock trader follows the Nasdaq, then you can understand the genius of Screen Gems bringing out Sam Raimi at Comic-Con today.






Raimi made his appearance with Neil Druckmann, creator of the Naughty Dog game ‘The Last Of Us‘ to discuss the cross-branding of the PS3 survival, horror, action game into a feature film with Raimi producing and Druckmann writing the screenplay. Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper was the man behind the game-to-movie transformation of ‘Resident Evil‘ and has given over major creative controls to Druckmann for the film version. Major controls like casting and choice of director.


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Fans have been weighing in on actors of choice for the role of Joel and so far, it’s come down to Hugh Jackman and Josh Brolin as fan favorites. Maisie Williams is the favored actress for Ellie, Williams was unable to be part of the panel due to a ‘Game of Thrones‘ cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly was taking place at the same time.




Raimi stated: “It’s gonna be a great character journey, a great love story, and great horror fiction.” The screen legend took a moment to tease the prospect of more ‘Evil Dead‘: “I always loved working on that series with Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, and my brother and I are writing the ‘Evil Dead‘ TV show right now…with Bruce Campbell.Campbell was even considered to be in the ‘Last Of Us‘ film adaptation. In all seriousness, and keep in mind the name of this website, do you think we’ve ever grown tired of the combination of Raimi with Campbell? It’s only going to further the stampede to see ‘Last Of Us‘ with the knowledge that Druckmann and the creative forces behind the flick judge their efforts next to ‘Army of Darkness‘.

If you have problems with the Campbell-Raimi universe, then you better hit up your local S-mart and the Housewares department, ask for Ash.

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