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“Get to the Choppa, Now!!” Twentieth Century Fox is rebooting the classic Arnold Schwazenegger film, ‘Predator‘, which spawned one sequel, a few crossovers with the ‘Alien‘ franchise, and a recent revamp and futuristic sequel called ‘Predators‘. But now it seems like hte original 80s action flick is finally getting an excellent remake, and yes, I’m excited about it. You know why?

Because Shane Black is attached to write and direct the film. Now who is Shane Black you ask? Well he wrote the ‘Lethal  Weapon‘ movies, directed and wrote ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang‘, and wrote and directed ‘Iron Man 3‘. Way back in 1987, Black’s friend Fred Dekker directed and wrote a film with Black called ‘Monster Squad‘. And we hear that Dekker will help write this new ‘Predator‘ screenplay as well.


But what is most fun about this is that Shane Black was in fact in the original ‘Predator‘ film. He was the character of Hawkins, who was led by Schwarzenegger into the jungle. He was the one who told the dirty joke on the plane ride. John Davis, who produced the original film, is producing the reboot.

This is excellent news, and I can’t wait to see who is cast and if Schwarzenegger will make a cameo?


By Bryan Kluger

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