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BBC’sSherlock‘ is one of the best shows currently airing. One of the reasons is the witty banter between characters, another reason is who plays one of those characters, Benedict Cumberbatch. One of the bad things with being a fan of ‘Sherlock‘ is that our viewing season is only 3-4 episodes long, and we have to wait a bloody long time just to get those! We put up with it because the option of not having those few episodes is ultimately, far worse than the waiting.



I’m a fan that has a love/hate relationship with Steven Moffat. He tortures me with ‘Doctor Who‘ and just when those wounds are healing, he rips the scabs off and starts all over with ‘Sherlock‘. Like I said, it’s a love/hate thing. Recently, there was quite a big blow up on the set of ‘Doctor Who‘ that saw a very early departure of Peter Capaldi. Moffat seems to not only torture fans, but the actors, as well. We don’t know what actually went on in the disagreement, but a source tells us it was something to do with “deplorable working conditions”.  Capaldi walked from the show and Moffat is not wasting any time in replacing him.

Moffat is not looking far for the next Doctor. Benedict Cumberbatch has agreed to be a fill-in Doctor of sorts. He will technically be the next generation, but there is talk of the Doctor actually aging backwards, which means Matt Smith could step into the role he just vacated. If this happens, I hope they let it go as far as David Tennant! I am most definitely a #10 kind of girl!

I expect there to be more news on this as the story develops, as far as right now goes, our Doctor is safely in the dexterous hands of Cumberbatch. I can’t wait to see what his Doctor will dress like!!!


I have friends that are probably excited until now and will probably want to kill me once I say, this was – again – an April Fools joke.

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