Meg Ryan Will Narrate ‘How I Met Your Dad’!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Apr 24th, 2014

Rebecca S., Here…


It’s time to meet the Mother! Just as we got to hear the narrator of future Ted (Bob Saget) tell his children how he met their mother we will get to hear future Sally/the Mother tell their kids in the HIMYM spinoff How I met your Dad, soon to be HIMYD to those in the know. And whose sweet voice is going to be the future Mother you ask- none other than Meg Ryan!


Just like Bob Saget, Ryan will never be seen on the show, but her voice will tell the story from a female point of view, that of Sally played by Greta Gerwig. The show will revolve around Sally and her group of friends in New York. The current cast list includes Gerwig, Drew Tarver, Nick D’Agosto, Andrew Santino and Tiya Sircar. Good to see Ryan is back in the swing of things, and I hope we see her in a future ‘Joe Vs. The Volcano‘ sequel sometime soon.

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