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Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving head back to their Aussie roots in ‘Strangerland‘. While neither were born in the country down under, she in Hawaii and he in Nigeria, they were transplanted to the country soon after their birth and Australia is very proud to claim them as natives.


Joseph Fiennes, youngest brother to Oscar-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes is slated to star as Kidman’s husband. The film follows the lives of a couple (Kidman and Fiennes), whose lives unravel after their two teenage children go missing in the harsh Australian desert. Weaving plays the policeman leading the investigation.

Maddison Brown is a newcomer to the entertainment world and has landed one of the prime roles in this feature. If all goes well, her name will be at the top of every list for young, unknown actresses. Brown beat out more than 30 actresses to earn the role, whatever stress she went through in waiting to hear if she won the part will be worth it for the kind of exposure a film of this star-caliber will give her.




Brown is not the only newcomer to the picture. Kim Farrant is directing the picture, her previous works are a documentary (‘Naked on the Inside‘) and a few episodes of a tv series (‘Rush‘). Michael Kinirons and Fiona Sera are on tap to write the feature, while Kinirons has a few short’s to his credit, Sera has a 10-year resume of writing TV series (‘Tangle‘, ‘The Silence‘). Production is currently underway and will drop to theaters in 2015.

This film sounds similar in tone, to a 2013 film Weaving starred in about an indigenous detective returning to the Outback to investigate the murder of a young girl called ‘Mystery Road‘. Kidman has 6 films in various stages of development including ‘Before I Go To Sleep‘ and ‘Grace of Monaco‘. Weaving is staying busy with ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again‘ and ‘Healing‘. With the star-power in this film, it should be a decent flick. 





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