Apatow Directs ‘Trainwreck’!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Mar 20th, 2014

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Judd Apatow has made a name for himself in the film biz. He is responsible for such comedies as ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin‘, ‘Knocked Up‘ and ‘This is 40‘. He is now attached as director to Universal’s ‘Trainwreck‘, set to drop on July 24, 2015. Barkhad Abdi, Mike Birbiglia and Jon Glaser have already been cast.  Tilda Swinton, Vanessa Bayer, John Cena and Ezra Miller have joined the talented cast as well. Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and Brie Larson have been attached to star with a script written by Schumer who is also helping to develop the project. Apatow is producing through Apatow Productions.



This part marks Abdi’s first major role since landing an Oscar nomination in Sony’s “Captain Phillips“. Bayer can still be seen on ‘Saturday Night Live‘ and Birbiglia can be seen next in ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘,’Annie‘ and ‘Sleepwalk With Me‘. Miller can be seen next in ‘Madame Bovary‘ and Glaser can be seen next on ‘Girls‘ and ‘Parks and Recreation‘.

Apatow will also produce for his Universal-based Apatow Productions. Senior VP of production Erik Baiers oversees the project for the studio. All I know is that this will be a comedy about a woman trying to rebuild her life. Without any more information than this, I get to make up the antagonistic factors in her life.

I’m going to say she’s on the run after spending her days in the phone sex trade where she provided some dirty talk to a mafia head’s wife. The wife is then liberated and announces she wants out of the marriage to be with the woman that opened her eyes about her true self. While her husband, the mafia boss, is not upset at losing the marriage, he’s upset that his wife is taking the deeds to the locales he uses as part of his legitimate front that hides his dirty work. He decides either she will stay with him or he can inherit the property upon her death. Either way, hell is about to rain down on single girl, Allison, who lives in a small loft apartment with her cat, Mittens.

Yeah, that’s not what it’s about, but anyone with interests in using my story, hit me up, let’s talk!

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