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The Lego Movie

After the ‘Lego Movie‘ proved to be such a massive blockbuster hit world-wide, Warner Brothers is not letting any of the momentum die down before announcing a sequel. While the details about the coming film are sketchy at best, one thing we know for sure is the release date has been staked out for May 26, 2017, with it being the beginning of the long Memorial Day weekend, we can assume it will be the tentpole for their summer film releases. At this point, this is the only film to claim the release date. So far, the only real thing that has been confirmed is the release date and that it will be the Lego universe. The rumor mill is spinning with whether or not it will be a proper sequel to the film in theaters now or if it will be a Lego Ninjago spinoff.

The Lego Movie


If the success of ‘The Lego Movie‘ continues to make history worldwide where it has earned over $200 million in under two weeks. with $150 million of that just domestic intake, Warner Bros. is smart to assume another one will reap the same results. Keep in mind the film only cost $60 million to produce!  The film’s success marks a turning point for Warners giving it a strong grasp in the animation industry. 

Dan Lin and Roy Lee, producers of ‘The Lego Movie‘ are returning to guide the, as yet, untitled sequel. Lin has got the handle of picking projects to produce that end up massive hits. He is producing not only the ‘Justice League‘ movie, but has the Robert Downey Jr.Sherlock Holmes‘ vehicles, ‘Gangster Squad‘ and one of my favorite movies ‘The Departed‘ under his belt. Without knowing any of the storyline, we can’t speculate who will return to voice any characters, but with the original featuring Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman, I’m thinking the next one will hold just as much star-power in the cast, if not more based on the overwhelming success the original is receiving.


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