Aaron Eckhart and Miles Teller Set For Boxing Picture!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 3rd, 2014

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Aaron Eckhart (‘The Dark Knight‘) and Miles Teller (‘The Spectacular Now‘) have both signed on to star in the boxing biopic called ‘Bleed For This‘. This biopic is based on the life of Vinnie Pazienza and it has Martin Scorsese executive producing. Ben Younger has written the script and will direct as well. Younger directed the fan favorite ‘Boiler Room‘ from the year 2000.

Pazineza was a boxer who broke his neck in three places during a car accident back in 1991 while he was at the top of his career. Going against doctor’s orders with a passion to get back in the ring again, Pazienza returned to the gym with neck braces and all to train. He ended up getting back in the ring and won three more titled and retired with a 50-10 record.┬áTeller will play Pazienza with Eckhart playing his trainer, Kevin Rooney.

This sounds pretty good and with the director ‘Boiler Room’ and Scorsese part of the project, I have no doubt I’ll enjoy this movie. Interestingly enough, Younger’s ‘Boiler Room’ film was based on Jordan Belfort, the film ‘Wolf Of Wall-Street‘ was based on, which Scorsese directed.

Your thoughts?

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