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If there wasn’t enough of the CSI or NCIS shows already, CBS is planning yet another series, which will be centered at the New Orleans NCIS office and will cover cases from Florida thru Texas. Scott Bakula, most famous from the hit series ‘Quantum Leap‘, will play NCIS Special Agent Pride, and will lead the show.

According to the announcement, Bakula’s character, Pride is driven by the need to do what’s right and does with humor, warmth, passion, and strength. Sounds a bit like a perfect set-up for a sitcom to me. Do people actually still watch all of these shows? I guess so. The planned spin-off series will air as a two-part NCIS episode this spring.

I’ve always liked Bakula, and it will be great to see him lead a big show again. But let’s face it. Nothing will ever come close to ‘Quantum Leap‘ again. But I bet since this is centered around New Orleans, there will be quite a bit of voodoo cases to cover. Your thoughts?


By Bryan Kluger

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